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Mueller Reports' Accounting Department manages the company’s wide-ranging financial obligations. Accounting team-members work with customers to design billing schedules that adequately reflect customer budgets and expectations. Additionally, our certified accountants manage employee benefits and complex payroll system across all 50 states.

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Mueller appraisers will be responsible for completing desktop appraisal assignments within a designated geographic region. Appraisers will operate within a defined scope of work and in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as well as within the confines of any applicable state or federal laws and guidelines. Appraisers are expected to be professional, organized and motivated individuals. Each appraiser is responsible for making his or her own schedule and completing appraisal reports within the designated timeline.

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Business Development Managers

Mueller Reports' business development managers are not “salespeople.” Rather, they are savvy business associates who design programs that collect the data our customers require. We recognize that each customer has unique needs that affect the data collection process. Consequently, business development managers must possess a comprehensive understanding of how we conduct our business, a knack for adapting to customers’ trends, and a creative mind that can visualize new opportunities for clients.

Business Operations

Mueller Reports' Business Operations Department exemplifies our commitment to acquiring reliable, comprehensive field data. Business Operations maintains a close working relationship with customers in order to tailor reports that suit their distinctive needs. Our in-house Business Operations Department is staffed by our own employees—we consistently work closely to achieve the highest quality work with the industry’s best time service.

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Clerical Opportunities

Many customer programs ask us to collect data offsite by using postal mail or web-response forms. Mueller Reports' clerical staff collects and organizes this data for customers, and works closely with Telephone Services and Quality Assurance to guarantee that customers’ requirements are met. Clerics also facilitate importing/exporting procedures and administer standard ordering protocol.

Field Service Managers

Field services managers link Mueller Reports' customers to field representatives; they work at a high level to assign cases to field representatives, manage field workloads, and help field representatives complete training. Field services managers also perform field observations to verify that reports meet customer requirements.

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Human Resources

Unlike many other companies in our industry, Mueller Reports does not employ a third party field staff. Instead, we boast over 1,700 field representatives, all of whom work for us and us alone. Needless to say, the Mueller Reports team has plenty of players. In this sense, our HR employees are a lot like the coaches of our team—they are responsible for bridging gaps in field coverage, screening new applicants, and ensuring the personal safety and ultimate success of our current team-members.

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Information Technology Professionals

Information technology professionals are one of Mueller Reports' strongest assets, primarily because they work so closely with data collection, Mueller’s most central field. Our IT team is invaluable because so much of our work is drafted, completed, and submitted on the web. Fortunately, Mueller Reports has assembled a veritable juggernaut of tech professionals from a variety of backgrounds including web development, database administration, and mobile applications. The most exciting technological advances in the industry are happening right here at Mueller Reports.

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Marketing Opportunities

While the qualities of Mueller's reports often speak for themselves, our Marketing Department showcases them through online media such as web design, online writing, digital animation, and video production. They routinely work with business development managers to create materials that speak to the unique audiences of our industry and create new opportunities for our customers.

Quality Assurance Agents

Mueller Reports' quality assurance agents work to verify the consistency and comprehensiveness of every Mueller report. QA agents require a keen eye and ability to synthesize information from multiple sources. Typically, successful QA agents exhibit an innate curiosity and desire to learn new material, characteristics conducive to the varying nature of customer programs.

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Telephone Service Representatives

Mueller Reports' customers do not always order surveys that necessitate our on-site presence. In such instances, our telephone services representatives collect data by contacting the policyholder directly. Additionally, they may assist field representatives by notifying policyholders of surveys and arranging appointments.

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Mueller’s training coordinators ensure that all employees are poised and prepared to accept their respective roles, complete objectives,overcome challenges, and achieve success. As the cornerstones of Mueller’s industry-leading online training program, training coordinators work with other Mueller departments, policyholders and customers to ensure that all tasks are met with expertise and efficiency.

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