Careers – Overview

Mueller Reports is part of a long chain of commerce that employs thousands of people nationwide, solidifying the company’s strong American presence. Without Mueller Reports, insurance carriers could not write the policies that banks need to issue mortgages. Without mortgages, homes and businesses could not be made affordable, and as a consequence, many jobs could not be made possible. As a cornerstone of American prosperity, Mueller Reports plays a significant role in our culture; our employees take pride in working for a company that makes worthy contributions to society. Additionally, Mueller Reports employees enjoy job security and ample opportunities for advancement. In fact, most upper-level positions are currently filled by those who began their careers as entry-level employees. For these reasons and more, working for Mueller Reports is an extraordinarily rewarding experience. 

With its headquarters in Buffalo, NY and regional offices in Boise, ID and Allentown, PA, Mueller Reports is established as an ever expanding powerhouse in data collection services. Think you’re capable of climbing the ranks? Challenge yourself! Explore the various career opportunities Mueller has to offer.