Information Technology


Integration with Customer Systems
Mueller Reports' Information Technology Department is prepared to integrate any system that our customers currently have in place. Mueller’s IT team has experience integrating a wide variety of systems, including those that rely on traditional batch ordering via FTP, utilize cutting edge web services, or institute specific data processing requirements. 

By developing a standard web service that allows our customers’ IT team to integrate its current system, customers can place and update orders, retrieve PDF reports, and receive essential data with ease. Mueller Reports' standard web service is IT’s most full-featured business solution, offering customers the most up-to-date synchronization with the best possible value.

In addition to email, IT provides an FTP and Secure FTP server that enables customers to exchange with Mueller Reports the following data file formats:

  • XML
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Comma-delimited and other standard delimiters (e.g., tab, pipe)
  • Fixed-width
  • PDF

Product Development and Delivery
Mueller Reports is more than capable of customizing reports to suit clients’ needs. With the ability to restructure survey forms, add supplements, and prioritize hazards, Mueller can customize any report to tailor the unique interest of our customers.

Mueller Reports' insurance services include a full suite of data collection, delivery, and performance measurement tools customers can use to structure their survey orders. Once surveys are structured, Mueller’s business development managers will design program architecture to meet their needs. Mueller Reports is proud to develop programs that meet customer specifications in a flexible and cost effective manner.

Secure Data Storage
Mueller Reports recognizes the sensitive nature of handling private data. As such, we incorporate many levels of security to ensure that customer information is accessible to approved parties only. Our own development and implementation of hardware and software barriers prevents unauthorized access to customer data, while our regulated, offsite backup systems protect all stored information from unexpected hardware failure.

Mobile Field Data Applications
Mueller Reports has leveraged its 30 years of data collection experience to develop the mobile property data collection tool, PhoenixMobile. Our field representatives use PhoenixMobile to set appointments, capture and upload photos, sketch field diagrams, and complete forms—all from their mobile device. With the PhoenixMobile app, field reps can sync onsite data to Mueller's system before they ever leave the property, providing better time service and eliminating errors due to double-data entry.

Contact our business development team today to discover how Mueller Reports' IT services can enhance your business.